That New Rave was founded in 2013 as a YouTube channel among myself and two friends.  In August 2015 we achieved over 35,000 YouTube subscribers and 10,000,0000+ views with 300+ posts.  We were a hub for upcoming and unsigned artists to share their music and also a medium for aspiring photographers to share their photography.  Using photography from myself, a collection of friends, and submissions, we were able to create a channel that advertised all the artists and the channel itself.  The simple equation was our logo, a photo, and a song.  In October 2015, we were shut down due to a copyright infringement on one of the songs we posted.  Unfortunately, we were unaware that this particular song had samples that were under copyright. The recording label showed no mercy.

In response of losing of all of our subscribers, we took our channel to Soundcloud where it exists today.  We are currently in a rebuilding process, but we achieved what we originally set out to do, which was create something that embodied our passions for art and music.

What you see here is the collection of photos spanning over two and a half years as well as our new Soundcloud playlists that I encourage you to give a listen.  That New Rave. The never ending playlist starts now.