Castrol Edge is super-thin and is the only motor oil with titanium in its recipe. It works when you need it the most. It works in the clutch. Just like the athletes of the NFL.

DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN (the beginning): THE CASTROL CLIENT CAME TO US WITH A DIRECT MAIL ask THAT WOULD BE SENT TO OVER 500,000 HOMES ACROSS THE UNITED STATES. What seemed like a typical request, turned into something more. Castrol edge brands itself as a micro thin titanium strong synthetic. What the client wanted was to create a DM piece that showcased their brand attributes but also promoted their sponsorship of the nfl by giving away free “titanium strong” training tee shirts.

we decided to make the direct mailer out of a strong plastic that is used in metro cards for nyc transit, it’s material is untearable, thus exemplifying titanium strength in a micro thin form. the client loved it so much, they decided to team up with the strongest player in the nfl to see if he could beat the mighty piece of direct marketing (funny how a DM piece can turn into digial video content).

DIGITAL VIDEO: Two time Super Bowl Champion Vince Wilfork loves one thing in the world: tearing his mail. But today, HE WAS FINALLY GOING TO MEET HIS MATCH.

NFL.COM CASTROL CLUTCH PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: With the approval of the NFL, we started hosting a block of time every Sunday during the NFL season to sponsor the Castrol EDGE Clutch Player of the Week BECAUSE CASTROL EDGE WORKS IN THE CLUTCH. WE ALSO CREATED A SKIN THAT WOULD TAKEOVER WHEN OUR VIDEOS WOULD PLAY ON NFL.COM (CLICK TO ENLARGE).

POINT OF SALE (AUTOZONE FLOOR MATS): In order to announce the Castrol EDGE partnership with the NFL, we needed to bring the asphalt domain of Castrol EDGE together with the gridiron of the NFL. Visually joining the football field with the highway, we created in-store floor mats and placed them in front of stocked shelves of Castrol EDGE at Autozones across the country.